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Private History Tour Scotland

Private History Tour

Bespoke tours bring Scotland's past to life

Challenge us bring to life over 10,000 years of human history.  Step back in time to the end of the last Ice Age.  Take in the Romans.  The Vikings.  The Wars of Independence.  The Reformation.  The Jacobite Rebellions.  The Enlightenment.  The Industrial Revolution.  Two World Wars.  There's so much to see.  
Scotland's history is etched into our stunning landscapes.  
Perhaps spend a morning hunting for dinosaur footprints.  Wonder at mystical standing stone circles.  Explore a 5,000 year old village.  Visit our ancient battlefields.  Learn of the royal dynasties of Bruce and Stewart.  Explore our magnificent castles, palaces and gardens.  
Scotland's rich and colourful past is what makes us who we are today
You could walk in the footsteps of your own ancestors, by discovering your own family history.  Whether your ancestors were highland crofters or landed gentry, we can develop a highly personalised tour to bring your family's past to life in partnership with professional genealogists at Scottish Relatives and Roots
Your guide is a passionate historian, so no matter your interest, region or time period we'll create an unforgettable historic tour especially for you.


Tours uniquely designed for your interests, your pace, your dates


Small group private tours

Max 6 guests

Exceptional tour guide


Creative tour design by experts helps make every moment memorable


Your tour can begin or end in Glasgow, Edinburgh or across Central Scotland

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