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Private Bespoke Outlander Tours Scotland

Luxury Outlander Tours

Bespoke Outlander experiences across Scotland

Follow Jamie and Claire across Jacobite Scotland with a private Outlander tour.   Dare to touch the ancient stones that inspired the Outlander story.  Explore real-life Castle Leoch.  Stroll through 18th Century Inverness.  Glimpse Lallybroch.  Walk the cobbled streets where Cranesmuir was filmed.  Explore Fraser country.  Visit the historic battlefield at Culloden.  Sail over the sea to Skye.  Become intimately acquainted with Outlander's real hero:  Scotland.


Diana Gabaldon wrote, 'there's no place on earth with more of the old superstitions and magic mixed into its daily life than the Scottish Highlands'.  So true.  Step into a bygone era as we bring the magic to life. 

Lovely morning exploring Doune Castle a.


Outlander tour Scotland


Majestic #GlenCoe in the #autumn #sunshi


You'll traverse the spectacular highland landscapes you've come to know and love. You'll enjoy the magnificent castles, palaces, gardens and churches from the series at your own pace. We'll bring to life the events surrounding the Jacobite rebellions as you raise a dram to Jamie and Claire.  


Our private and bespoke Outlander tours are perfect for small groups.  So whether you're looking for an in-depth Outlander tour of the Highlands or an Outlander day tour from Glasgow or Edinburgh we'll design a tour based on your dates and your priorities, so you'll not miss a thing.


Outlander tours of Scotland

your 'must sees'

your pace

your dates


Small private tour groups

Max 6 guests

Exceptional tour guide


Creative tour design by experts helps make every moment memorable


Tours can begin or end in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Central Scotland

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