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Bespoke Private Tour of Scotland FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose a bespoke tour with Drams Scotland?
    Because your time in Scotland is precious and you want to make the most of it. You value our on on-the-ground knowledge and experience and understand the planning, organisation and attention to detail that the perfect trip demands. You're discerning, outward looking and demand the very best experiences Scotland has to offer.
  • Do Drams Scotland offer pre-packaged tours?
    No. We do not offer pre-packaged tours. Each Drams Scotland tour is a personal and unique experience, created just for you.
  • I'm not a whisky fan, will I enjoy a Drams Scotland tour?"
    Absolutely. Our tours are created exclusively for your interests. Your guide is a degreed historian and brings depth of knowledge and insight to any tour.
  • Can I tour Scotland out of season?
    Drams Scotland offer wonderful private guided tours throughout the year. Scotland's seasons are distinct and dramatic, and this country is well worth visiting at any time of year. From beautiful spring blossom to the rich red, russet and gold of autumn and magical glinting winter snow, Scotland is spectacular all year round.
  • Why choose a Drams Scotland whisky tour?
    Because you'll get the best possible whisky experience. Whisky scheduling is an art, ot a science, and our understanding of Scotland's whisky landscape is unparallelled. Our bespoke tours are guided by your tastes and we take pride in developing whisky schedules that build and flow throughout your time with us, including a portfolio of in-depth tours, premium tastings and specialist whisky experiences. This contrasts to pre-packaged whisky tours, which offer a one-size-fits-all approach based on standard distillery experiences.
  • Do you tour across all Scotland's whisky regions?
    Yes. We use our unparallelled knowledge of Scotland's whisky landscape to recommend, agree and pre-book the best distillery tours and tasting experiences for your group all across Scotland's whisky regions: The Highlands, Speyside, Islay, The islands, Campbeltown and the Lowlands. Whether you focus on a single region or all six, we will deliver your ideal whisky tour.
  • How much does a Drams Scotland tour cost?
    We price each bespoke tour individually and price will depend on the number of guests in your group, your tour duration, the time of year, the distance travelled and other factors such as collection and departure locations. Our price includes : - expert tour planning services - driver-guide services (including overnight accommodation on extended tours) - ferry journeys (if applicable) - hire and insurance of vehicle, to comply with all legal requirements - all fuel and maintenance costs parking fees, tolls and local taxes. The price we quote for each tour will be in pounds sterling (GBP£). The tour price is final, unless the guest requests a significant change from the original agreement. For example, addition of extra passengers or extra days would incur an additional cost.
  • What extra costs should I budget for?
    Our tour price doesn't include: attraction entrance fees your accommodation meals gratuities
  • What vehicle will I tour Scotland in?
    You'll tour in our lovely, shiny Ford Tourneo Custom. It comfortably accommodates six adult guests on extended tours and, because it has a long wheel base, you'll enjoy generous legroom and luggage space.
  • What about insurance?
    Drams Scotland maintains insurance meeting all statutory requirements, in accordance with industry best practice. We strongly recommend that our guests also take out appropriate travel, medical and cancellation insurance that covers the full period of travel, before travelling to Scotland.
  • What about driving qualifications?
    Safety is always our number one priority when guests are in our care. Our drivers are highly qualified, with extensive experience driving across Scotland in all seasons and in all weather conditions. Our Guiding Director holds a Passenger Service Vehicle Licence, so is fully qualified to drive any type of passenger vehicle, from minibuses to double deck coaches. He regularly updates his driver training through the EU driver CPC scheme.
  • How long does a typical day on tour last?
    It varies, but days on tour typically start at 9am and finish between 5pm and 6pm. If you would prefer a different schedule, just let us know and we'll work this into your tour plan. We will sometimes need to vary the start and finishing times of the guided tour to ensure we meet transport connections, such as ferries. We will make this clear as your tour plan is being developed and agreed, and we will reinforce appropriately during your tour.
  • Do you offer tours of castles and historic attractions?
    Yes. We offer private guided tours of castles and historic attractions. However, the larger, paid attractions generally have their own specialist in-house guides who may be best placed to showcase these attractions.
  • What if there's inclement weather?
    No matter the season, we'll keep an eye on the weather and, if necessary, propose itinerary adjustments so that you get the best of the day (and we always travel with large golf umbrellas).
  • What about evenings on tour?
    In the evenings you'll enjoy free time to explore your surroundings or relax at your accommodation. On a multi day tour we will give you a brief tour of the area where you are staying, before dropping you off at your accommodation. We'll highlight the best options to eat and drink and can suggest ideas for your evening, such as a scenic walk, a gallery or live music.
  • Do you source accommodation?
    Yes. We'll source the best available accommodation along your tour route, based on your budget and preferences. As we're not a package operator we ask you to make your accommodation booking directly. This means you get best possible choice and value, with no commissions.
  • I have health or mobility issues - Do you offer accessible tours?
    Yes. At Drams Scotland we have been honoured to welcome guests with a range of accessibility issues, including blindness, MS, Muscular Dystrophy and Parkinsons Disease and we believe that this should not be a barrier to experiencing the very best of Scotland. We ask that you advise us of any relevant conditions up front to allow us to design a tour plan that properly reflects your needs. We'll always be flexible and offer realistic advice on the best attractions and suitable accommodation across Scotland. Please note that while there's plenty of space for us to store a wheelchair in the trunk of our vehicle, we do not currently have a wheelchair lift. If you have a blue badge in your home country we would encourage you to bring this with you on tour.


Tours uniquely designed for your interests

your pace

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Bespoke private tours

Max 6 guests

Exceptional tour guide


Creative tour design by experts helps make every moment memorable


Tours can begin or end in

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or across Central Scotland

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